Frequently Asked Questions

How did you find yoga?

As a young child, i would often attend classes with my mother. She rolled out her mat, and I rolled out mine next to hers. She followed the flow, and I joined in whenever I saw a posture that looked fun.
In middle school, I was told that I suffered from Scoliosis. After that, I started practicing more. My middle school started to provide after school classes, which my best friend and I signed up for right away.
Towards the end of high school, my practice became more intense, eventually turning into a daily lifestyle.

How old are you, and where do you live?

I am currently 25 years old (a virgo) and I live in Los Angeles, California.

Where do you teach? And how long have you been teaching?

I teach private, in-home yoga. This means I teach my students in the comfort of their own home. I have taught classes over Skype, as well as big outdoor group classes. I have been teaching for over 5 years.

How do you maintain a daily practice?

I take it day by day. I don’t commit to a week or 30 days. I listen to my body, and follow what I feel. There are so many different ways to practice yoga! The physical practice, meditation, breathing, the yoga of sound and music. With so many options, my practice is ever-changing, and therefor intriguing and fun. Im always excited to see what my body has in store for me each day. This creates a laid-back atmosphere and environment in which I find the motivation to practice daily.

Did you attend a teacher training? How did you find a school?

I did attend a 200 hr teacher training in 2015 – 2016. I had been teaching for a few years before I finally made the decision to attend a TT. At the time I was simply craving a hands on experience and I wanted to connect with other aspiring teachers. I googled for months, made calls to studios around the state. I considered going on a training retreat outside the country, but eventually chose to stay close to home. There was a studio near by that I had attended on and off for years. I met with the owners, took a few classes, and before I knew it, I was signed up for the program. I spent 6 months in my training program, and an additional 3 months as a volunteer teachers apprentice.