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Todays post is just a quick recap of our trip to Kern. Theres a link at the bottom of the blog to the youtube video so stick around and let me know what you think!

Kern River is a place of magic for me.
We started visiting this wonderful river back in 2010.

Once a year on Memorial weekend we meet our river family on the bank of the river for almost a week of white water rafting, dinner’s at sunset, and good company. We camp out in tents falling asleep and waking up to the sound of moving water, frogs and birds. Each morning we cook and eat together, blow up our rafts and head to the river for some rafting.
After loading up the trailers with the rafts we drive 10 minutes north were we unload into the river. First we go over safety protocols and then we start our journey downriver. Depending on the level of the river and the speed of the flow, the ride can take 2 hours or just 20 minutes. When we pull the boats off the water, we walk just a few steps back to our campsite where we start the process over again.

The guys around the fire

This trip the weather was cold! For most of the trip the sky was covered in storm clouds with the temperature staying in the low 60’s, dropping into the low 40’s at night.
Basically heaven on Earth for me! ( I love the cold! )
We lit the fire pit close to sunset everyday and gathered around it after dinner to laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

Side Note: Three members of the river family were actually hiking the PCT (pacific crest trail) and had planned it so that they would arrive in kern just in time for rafting. They started in March 2018, and are currently back on the trail hiking to Canada. They’ll be done around September! How amazing is that?!?
( We’re planning to do this one day!)

PCT (pacific crest trail)

Ever year we choose a night to cook dinner for the group.
This year Tig & I cooked Thanksgiving dinner! Yup.. you read that right!
We made:
2 deep fried turkey’s (tig)
Stuffing (me)
Mac n Cheese (tig)
Coleslaw (me)
Corn on the cob (rob & mo)
Mashed potatoes (me)
Gravy (mo)

Not a bad way to spend a weekend away hu?
Wanna check out the video? Click the link below!

Click this link: Kern River youtube video

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