I talk a lot about doing things that make you happy. I have all the lists for how to create a beautiful, safe space. I don’t talk a lot about what I do while I’m going through the turmoil of life. So thats what this post is going to be about. How to survive through the moments in life when you feel like you might fall apart.

First things first. Our human experience shifts like the seasons. Some days, weeks, months are tougher than others. This is totally normal, and natural. Don’t judge yourself if you feel low energy, anxious, fatigued, or just sad. It happens. Its a part of life.

Second. Learn to feel the feels. Its not easy to pretend that everything is alright. It actually takes more energy to pretend than it does to allow yourself to go through the wave of emotions. Sure its great to get out with friends or do something that takes your mind off the pain. Its also great to spend some time resting and letting yourself feel. Sometimes being by yourself is the perfect remedy. Which brings us to number three.

Third. Pamper yourself. If I’m going through a “bump” in the road (which I currently am) I like to go out of my way to take care of myself. It makes me feel good. I go for a swim, read a book, watch movies, get a massage, take naps, do yoga, clean.. I cry, a LOT.
Relaxing and allowing yourself rest is so important.

Fourth. Limit your contact with people. Ok I know this one sounds weird but hear me out. During tough times we do a LOT of thinking. Our minds are running wild and we feel out of control. Adding to the mix others opinions of your situation, telling you what to do or say, or how everything is gonna be alright. Just “let it go”. Ya, easier said than done! Thats not what you need right now. You know yourself better than anyone else. No one else has a say in your choices and you’re gonna do whatever you choose either way. You don’t need the chatter. Listen to yourself.
Keep a few close, supportive people around you. People who you feel safe to be yourself around, people who will listen and let you do you, without judgment.
Ive been reading a book since my grandma died almost one year ago. Its called:

‘How to Survive the Loss of a Love’    (link: click here to order your copy )

This is a quote from the book-
” *If you have a broken leg or are hospitalized, friends bring you flowers, relatives send baskets of fruit, you lie in bed all day reading and watching tv, nurses give you back rubs and doctors poke, prod and nod encouragingly.
*In short, you are pampered.
*If you have a broken heart, friends expect you to be your cheerful old self, relatives expect you to fulfill your family obligations and you are expected to show up for work as energetic and efficient as ever.
*In short, you must deal with a world that does not accept that emotional pain not only hurts, but that it can be debilitating.
*The solution? Pamper yourself. ”

So because people have these high expectations of you and not everyone understands exactly what you’re going through, its better to sit with your own thoughts and really try and figure out what it is that YOU want to do. Or share with someone who will hold a safe space for you to vent.

Those are some of the things I do & don’t do when I’m down. I don’t judge myself. I don’t pretend everything is alright. I pamper myself, and I only spend time with those who bring me joy. I do yoga, yell at the wall during showers, light incense and hope for the best.
I don’t always have my shit together.
Right now I only have half my shit together.. and thats ok.

And don’t forget about the continuous retrogrades of planets, moon cycles, and other cosmic anomalies. In my belief all these things play a factor in our moods throughout our lifetimes.

So give yourself a break.

Im totally giving myself a break. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring and its really scary! I feel scared right now. Im even scared about posting this. It puts me in a vulnerable place. But I’m posting it anyway. For you.
To tell you that you’re not alone.
Im feeling it too.


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