Hey guys! Thanks for popping in! Im currently in bed feeling a bit under the weather so I’m taking a chance to talk about something I find really important: How we start our day! So heres a little bit about my morning routine.. Hope you enjoy!

1) Sunlight…
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is open ALL my shades! I never have them closed all the way because I like to be woken by sunlight. I also open the windows to let in the fresh air. I find this immediately boost’s my energy.

2) Tidy up…
Next I head to wash up. Once I’m in some decent clothes, I pop in a load of laundry(right now I have 2 loads going). When I was younger you couldn’t get me to pick up a sock, now I love being tidy. So while the laundry is going, I clean up the mess of the morning. I’m not a clean “freak” per say, but I don’t like leaving the house a mess. It makes me feel good to come home from a long day to a fresh, clean home.

3) Tea & Coffee…
Wether I make tea or coffee depends on the type of day I’m expecting to have. A long busy work day means I fill my YETI with coffee. (fun fact, I don’t take any sugar or creamer in my coffee). The yeti mug I have keeps my drinks hot for 12 hours which keeps me moving all day. If I’m going to have a slower day I go for the tea. For instance, at this very moment Im drinking a cup of tea.

4) Meditation & Eucalyptus Oil
If I’m rushing to be somewhere ill skip this until I get back home.
I love burning eucalyptus oil in the room. If I have the time, ill put a few drops in my burner and let it fill my lungs while I find a comfy spot on the floor to meditate. 15 minutes of meditation in the morning can do wonders for the rest of your day!

Well that sums up my morning routine, for the most part. I like to have very slow moving mornings. I was never a morning person growing up but as I get older I find myself rousing earlier and earlier & I kinda love it! The way we wake sets us up for the rest of our day so its important to get a good routine going.
I would love to hear how you spend your mornings! Maybe you have some suggestions for me that I can add into my routine. It may take me a day or two but I always respond to comments and love hearing what you guys have to say!

xo, lex