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Tig and I recently visited Oxnard, California.

Just one hour north of our current home, Oxnard is a quaint, laid-back little beach town. We were there over the weekend on business. When we arrived we had some time to spare. I quickly googled some lunch spots and before we knew it we were walking into a café called The Patio (which also happened to be part of a casino). We had lunch, hit a black jack table and then headed back for check-in.

Let me point out that this wasn’t a vacation, it was a work trip. The only time we got out of the hotel was when we would go out for lunch. So when we went out to grub, we made sure to hit some cool spots.
When we weren’t eating we spent our time in the room. While babe worked I got some blog drafts done, edited pictures, watched Law & Order SVU, created new classes for the week, and took (as Tig likes to say) “too many pictures”.

The hotel was very nice. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. Every morning we had breakfast downstairs. You could fill your plate from the buffet or order off the menu. Coffee for days! The staff was on point. They have a business center, a lounge, a pool, hot tub, and (of course my favorite) room service!! Id like to take this moment to suggest the Rockslide Brownie! Im dreaming of it now as I type lol.
The room was nice too. It had a queen bed, desk, WIFI, a lounge chair, a tv, and a little kitchen area.

(side note: My dad travels a lot so when I told him we were heading to Oxnard he gave us a list of places to eat & areas to see.
By the way, if you like english bulldogs and skiing videos you should check out his page on instagram:   @Gentleman_of_luck  )
His suggestions:

1)The Shores – OK, The Shores are awesome! Its a community of homes built right on the sand. This is the place to go if you like architecture or you’re manifesting new home ideas. I definitely saw a few houses that inspired me. If looking at the way houses are built isn’t really for you, perhaps the beach is more you’re style. Turn west onto any one of the little streets and in just a few minutes you’ll be standing at the edge of the pacific ocean.
We also grabbed lunch at The Shores.

(Yoga as always)
-The Lookout Bar & Grill is hidden in a small plaza above a coffee house, next to a gym, an Italian kitchen, and a tiny seafood market. You can sit inside and listen to some live music or you can sit on a balcony overlooking the marina. We did both. First on the balcony enjoying some fresh air and then moving inside to eat. By the way, the locals here are all so friendly and welcoming!

(I know, my burger was next level!)

(Non-alcoholic for me! I love when bars have NA beers and this spot made a mean Michelada with Beck’s!)

2)Ventura Pier – We saved the pier for last. This one holds a very special place in my heart. We spread the ashes of my childhood dog here. Whenever we’re in the area we like to stop by. Also, I fish here, a lot!! Anddd of course theres the restaurant at the base of the pier. They have an amazing clam chowder soup!!

(Arnold Palmer for me -my fav- and a cold beer for him)

Our trip to this coastal town turned out being an amazing one. Business went absolutely better than well! Remember when I said this wasn’t a vacation? After a few days of stressing out and working hard, it all worked out.
Pulling up to the pier we had permanent smiles on our faces.
Before sitting down for our last meal here, we took a walk to the end of the pier and watched the ocean for a while.

A perfect ending to an even more perfect trip.

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