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Today’s blog is all about back pain and how I learned to manage it.
I have whats called scoliosis.
Definition: Scoliosis is the sideways curvature of the spine.
Below are some x-ray images of my back.

(This is my Thoracic spine -upper back-. The curvature presses on my right rib cage, rhomboid muscle, and shoulder blade)

(This is my lumbar spine -lower back-. This curvature presses the left side of my lower back muscles and rotates my pelvis.)

Scary looking, I know! lol.

I was made aware of my condition my first year of middle school. It was a simple test where I was told to bend forward and try to touch my toes in gym class. The teacher pulled me aside and contacted my parents. A few days later my mom and I were sitting in the waiting room of an Orthopedic specialist.

He took some x-rays and recommended some treatments.

I was given a few options. I could wear a back brace for a period of time and hope to stop the curvature from getting worse or I could have spinal corrective surgery. To me, neither of these were an option. Looking back now I realize that this must have been the first time in my life I chose a more natural approach. Spinal surgery was too risky, and a brace would stop the curving but it wouldn’t reverse it.

At the time my mother was consistently practicing yoga at the local studio. She started taking me to classes with her, and that’s how my yoga journey began!

Around the same time my school started an after school yoga program for the students. My best friend Erika and I joined up right away. We practiced down dogs, tree pose, frog pose, and yummy savasanas that included head massages!

Weird fact about me: If I take a deep breath while lying down my back cracks in three different places!

As I grew so did my pains. My symptoms included: sore back muscles, spinal bone aches, shoulder pain, chest pain, hip pains and breathing pains. Some days my chest felt so heavy it was hard to inhale. And I experienced these pains once to twice a month. On top of all of that, I had really bad growing pains as a child. I tried massage therapy and pilates. My mom even bought one of those machines where you strap your ankles in and hang upside down.

One thing always worked. Yoga.

Years later I am now half way through my 20’s and have drastically reduced my pains! I practice at home multiple times a day. Even during breaks at work I take some time to get into poses.

I still experience pains now and then. These pain levels are much less then what they used to be and as soon as I feel them I get on my mat. After years of practicing and teaching yoga I’ve come up with a few ways to relieve my pain & Id like to share them with you!


  • YOGA
    Legs Up the wall is one of my favorites!
    Take a warm bath, add some epsom salt, light some candles and let that warm water do its magic!
    Therapy of any kind is heavenly. I currently have a chiropractor that I see once a week. Massage therapy works wonders as well!
    The way you sleep is crucial. I like to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs. This helps open the spinal canal.

Thanks for reading guys!!
Do you suffer from acute or chronic back pain? Id love to hear any suggestions or comments you might have! And let me know if there is anything else you would like me to cover.


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