Tools for self care

Sometimes I wake up feeling over it. Im not interested in my jobs, I don’t feel like getting my chores done, and I get really emotional. For me this happens about once a month (not “that” time of the month). Now, I recognize the symptoms immediately. As soon as I become conscious of the fact that I’m in this weird low energy zone, I start working towards lifting my spirits. A few things that help me in times like this are:

*Getting as much light into my home as I can.
*Playing good music. My favorite’s are Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Phil Collins, and Chris Isaak.
*Meditation, even just sitting an breathing quietly for 15 minutes can do wonders.
*Yoga (childs pose, pigeon pose, and savasana) super simple floor postures.
*Deep cleaning my home.
*Burning essential oils.
*Reading a book (fantasy/sci-fi/romance are my favorite genres. I like books that remove me from my mind)
*Swimming (pool or beach)
*Watch ‘Friends’ or ‘Harry Potter’

So those are some of the ways that I get out of a bad funk. Some days, weeks, or months are harder than others. Ive found myself stuck in that dark place for days with no end in sight.
But having these tools to help get me out of it is a huge life saver.
Its completely normal for people to go through these ups and downs in life. Like the season’s, we all change continuously. Instead of feeling guilty or lame for experiences these “downs”, recognize that these feelings are very common for most people. We just have to learn the correct coping mechanism for ourselves. This takes practice and patients. Start by writing a list of things you love to do. In times of need, look back on the list and start doing what you love. This will help you through tough times.

What are some ways you pull yourself out of those low energy days? Do you have any tricks or ideas that I can add to my list? Would really appreciate any thoughts you have! comment below

xo, Lex