There’s a storm coming. The sky’s are filled with all the different shades of grey. Lit candles are all over my room so theres this beautiful spooky feel. Eucalyptus is burning on my nightstand and I have NASA’s live video playing in the background. If you’ve never played the NASA live stream before I urge you to check it out. First, it has the most beautiful calming music playing, I love it when I practice yoga, clean, read, and meditate! Second, you can see Earth from space. The camera’s are mounted on the International Space Station (ISS) and you see LIVE footage of it orbiting the Earth (im a science nerd so this is just fascinating to me).
( link for the live stream at the end of the blog )

Continuing on, this has to be one of the chillest, slowest days i’ve had in a while. I’m blissed out. Theres something about a cold rainy day that makes me feel so at peace. The smell of the grass, the color of the roads, the sound of the raindrops. The steam is rising from my tea cup & I’m typing this whilst happily sitting in my reading chair. My body is aching from a grueling yoga session I gave myself this morning. My favorite place to practice is on the floor, right next to my bed.
So here I am, typing away at my computer feeling pure bliss. Totally living within the moment. Im not thinking about yesterday, or tomorrow. Im enjoying this moment right here, right now. The coolest part of this is that I created this moment! I lit the candles, turned on the music, practiced yoga, and relaxed my soul.
The past week has been up & down emotionally for me. Ive been sad, grumpy and hurt by words that shouldn’t have hurt me. I let irrelevant things get to me, and now its time to let them go. I recognize the sadness within me and consciously choose to create happiness instead.
Happiness is a state of mind. Regardless of my circumstance I can choose to be happy. Realizing that is so empowering and freeing.
I can create my own happiness and no one can take it from me.
Say these words, right now, out loud.. I AM HAPPY.

Im writing this today to remind you to create your own happiness. Whatever you are going through at this moment, stop and take a minute to breathe. You are alive, you are here, and you will survive.

And like the storm, this too shall pass.


(comment below what makes you happy)

heres the link, hope you enjoy: NASA LIVE STREAM