Hey guys!
Todays blog is all about tips for traveling in your car! I love to travel! But more specifically I love to drive long distance! As soon as I got my drivers license I began to explore much of the land around me. For instance, by the time I was 20 I knew most of California without a map. Today I know how to travel from the southern most part of California, up to Oregon, Washington, and even up to Whistler, Canada. Going east Im familiar with Arizona, and Nevada. (Side note: the drive from Vancouver to Whistler Canada is one of the most beautiful trips I’ve ever taken! )

So Ive spent a lot of time on the road. This is one of the reasons why when it was time for a new vehicle, my choice was the Jeep Wrangler. I needed an all terrain vehicle to handle the offloading I would throw at it. Lots of my trips have been with family and friends, and an equal amount have been on my own. I call these bug out trainings. Basically, if any kind of natural or man made disaster occurs, I practice how to survive that.

Ive been training how to survive in the wild since I was in my teens (shout out to my dad @gentleman_of_luck , he taught me well!)
(blog on survival tips coming soon)

Let me be the first to say that I hope all in life goes well.
But as we all know, things go wrong. Lets say you’re going on a road trip with friends, and your car breaks down on the way? No service on the cell because you’re in the middle of nowhere, its hot, and you haven’t seen a car for miles. These tips will help you make it through those scenarios with confidence.

So wether you’re going on a quick trip somewhere, or practicing a bug out training, these tips will help you be prepared and have a wonderful trip!


Tip 1:  Water
Sounds simple? Water is one of the most precious recourses on Earth. In the trunk of my truck I have a little backpack filled with medical gear & emergency food and water. I switch it out every so often due to expiration dates. The water and food is good for two adults to last two weeks. I also have a case of everyday water, and hidden backups. Ever been stuck in the desert before? trust me, you can never have too much water! Always carry extra.
But lets say you don’t have enough? If you find yourself having to collect water from the surrounding landscape, make sure to clean it properly.
If you’re able to build a fire, boiling water at 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes does the trick. You can also use iodine capsules to clean your water, or filter water with: soil, gravel, charcoal, sand, wood chips, and different types of rock. (I’ll probably do a separate blog about this, its kind of long and detailed on how to make it.. how about you guys let me know in the comments if you want me to do that)

Tip 2: Food
Fill a cooler with some food. I like to pack sandwiches, chips, and fruits for road trips. Never hurts to have something to munch on when you’re going for a long drive. It helps to add a box or two of granola bars and a few canned foods: beans, corn, fruit cocktail, and maybe some soups you can eat hot or cold.

Tip 3:  Tell a Buddy
If you’re going on a trip with a few friends or by yourself, its always important to let someone know where you’re headed, how long you plan on being gone, and the routes you plan to take. This way, if anything goes wrong along the way, someone in the outside world can call for help, just in case you can’t.

Tip 4: Location & Maps
Ok you guys. Now this one is one of my favorites! I love to collect maps from the places I’ve visited. And realistically if you’re traveling by car, usually you’ll find yourself in areas with no service. Now you might have a car that has amazing navigation so its not really a worry for you. If you use your phone to navigate this might be a tip that will work for you. Get some paper maps.
I have learned how to navigate by the stars, the sun, and even the way vegetation grows. My best suggestion is to become familiar with these techniques. I recognize not everyone is into that. So paper maps work great! I collect maps from wherever I travel.

Tip 5: Tool Kit
Having tools can be a life saver. Most vehicles today come with a jack to lift your car up incase you get a flat. Have you ever changed your own tire? Maybe try for practice. It may look intimidating at first but I promise that once you get used to it, its not so bad! Check your trunk to make sure you have all the gear you need before going somewhere. Last thing you want is to drive 500 miles, get a flat, and then realize you left the wheel lock key at home.
I also suggest to have a flashlight in your car, a sturdy knife, a radio, and a shovel. I have 2 tool kits in my car.

Tip 6: First Aid
A med kit is a must. You can buy a little kit at your local pharmacy or make one yourself. Can you guess which I did? .. The most basic things you’ll need are:
-sterilized gauze pads, many sizes.
-adhesive tape
-bandages in several sizes
-elastic wraps
-antiseptic wipes
-antiseptic cream
-plasters, gloves, tweezers
-aloe vera gel, calamine lotion, pain killer + children’s medicine if there are little’s around.

Tip 7: Protection
It is always important to travel with protection. Especially if you’re going into back country. Many times between cities, you’ll have a far distance of open land. You’ll need to protect yourself from animals, and unfortunately some humans. There are many ways to protect yourself. For instance: flashlights that have strobe settings can be used to confuse a bear, or blind an attacker. You should always have pepper spray & a taser with you, a good sturdy knife, and the number 1 way is to carry a gun.


Thanks guys for tuning into the blog and giving it a read! This is a hobby I really enjoy and I get to connect with nature and our beautiful mother Earth. I also use these trips as emotional and mental healing journeys. I stop and practice yoga next to rivers and meditate on the top of mountains. Its magical. I once camped on the edge of the Grand Canyon with my mom. When the sun set I placed our yoga mats on the roof of the Jeep and we just watched the stars.
I highly advise getting out into nature!

If you’ve gotten this far thank you SO much for sticking around! How do you like to travel? Do you like to spend time in your car? If you have any cool additions to this list Id love to hear them! add in the comments any ideas or suggestions you have! Even if you don’t like long drives, what tips do you have for traveling??